Top 5 Homeopathics for Earaches in Children

homeopathics for earache

Ear infections affect more than 10 million children a year. They are often caused by viral upper respiratory tract infections, which means that antibiotics will not help. This is reflected in the research, which have found limited therapeutic benefit from antibiotic therapy. Thankfully most uncomplicated cases of ear infections resolve spontaneously, but safe supportive therapies like homeopathics for earaches can help manage pain while the infection clears.

Watchful waiting is appropriate care for children who look well, can be comforted with supportive care and are older than 2 years of age. But, for a parent, this treatment guideline is of little comfort when your child is in pain and you are frantic trying to comfort them. So we at Nourish Integrative Health have put together a little info sheet for you - to hopefully bring comfort to you and your child when an ear infection hits. It’s the perfect companion after you have been to visit a health professional, to ensure the ear infection is uncomplicated.

As a parent, your first line of care for when your child gets an ear infection is to keep them well hydrated with water and electrolytes.nnTo help stimulate the body’s defences and help reduce pain, we have provided 5 of our favourite homeopathic remedies and how to use them. Homeopathy medicines are derived mainly from plants and minerals with the active ingredient diluted many times (making it completely safe) and shaken vigorously to produce the medicine.


5 Homeopathics for Earache in Children

Belladona – When an earache produces intense pain, high fever, a beet-red face, a bright red outer ear, dilated pupils, hot and moist skin except at the extremities, or pain extending down the neck. The child is better with warmth, but does not like being touched or moving about.

Chamomilla – If pain appears severe and gets worse when bending over, and the child is angry, irritable, obstinate and whiny, the skin is hot and moist and there is a clear nasal discharge. The child might have a red face and a fever below 39°C. Chamomilla also helps when the earache occurs during teething.

Ferrum phosphoricum – To soothe the inflammation and pain of an ear infection when symptoms first appear. The child will appear pink and flushed; there is a fever and a feeling of weariness; and the outer ear, usually on the left side, is warm and pink. Ferrum phosphoricum should prevent the formation of pus.

Kali muriaticum - for swollen glands and nasal congestion in a child with a blocked Eustachian tube. This can also include inflammation of the tonsils and cause noises (such as a ringing) to be heard in the ears.

homeopathics for earache

Pulsatilla – When an ear infection occurs after a child comes down with a cold, or it comes on gradually and includes a moderate fever. Generally, the ear is hot and swollen, a yellow-to-green thick discharge comes from the nose and ears, and pain is worse at night and when exposed to warmth. The ear infections usually appear on the right side, the temperature is less than 39°C, the child has no thirst and does better with a cold compress. A child needing this remedy craves affection and is tearful and clingy.

How to take homeopathic medicines

Because homeopathic medicines are very sensitive, avoid touching them with your hands – if you are using pills, tip one into the lid of the container rather than into your hand. For young children, dissolve one pill of the 30CH potency in a small glass of mineral water and give the child one teaspoon of the mixture as a dose. You should see a rapid improvement.  Keep repeating the dose (one teaspoon from the glass with the dissolved pill) until the symptoms clear. If there is no improvement, discontinue treatment with that particular remedy.

Prevention: supporting your child's immune system

Children respond well to acute homeopathic remedies, but they can need some additional help to prevent them from falling ill. Well-child checks keep your child healthy and on track for developmental milestones - book an appointment today and let us monitor and support their growth using safe, natural therapies.

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