What to Expect

Seeing Dr. Stefanie Trowell, ND

Upon booking with Dr. Trowell, you will receive 2 emails: the first which confirms your appointment time, while the second has a link to complete your intake questionnaire and consent forms securely online. Please complete these forms before your appointment.

Your first visit with Dr. Trowell will be 1.5hrs in length, at which time she will take a thorough intake of your health concerns, personal and family medical history, and complete a complaint-oriented physical exam to holistically assess your concerns.  Please bring copies of any recent lab work or scans you may have pertaining to your health. If you are undergoing cycle monitoring, ask the nurse if you can take a photo of the chart that tracks your follicular growth and blood test results. Dr. Trowell may also recommend further blood work or laboratory assessments to help determine the underlying cause of your concern.  At the end of each visit, you will be sent an individualized treatment plan which will include health goals, recommended treatments (dietary, supplemental/herbal, acupuncture, lifestyle, etc.) and our direction for long term care.  

Follow-up visit timing and frequency depends on your concern and the treatments recommended; Dr. Trowell will discuss these recommendations for follow up visits at your first visit. Often for fertility care with acupuncture, visits are every 1-2 weeks. Follow-up visits for annual check-ups or laboratory reviews are typically 45-minutes in length to allow adequate time for discussing the results, questions and making the necessary revisions to your treatment plan.  Most other follow-ups are 15-30 minutes in length.



Naturopathic services are often covered by extended health care benefit plans.  Please consult your insurance provider to check your coverage for Naturopathic Medicine through your extended health benefits.  

Fees are shown when booking online, but you can also find a full list of fees here.