These are some challenging times and my main focus remains on the health and safety of my patients...  but I also want to ensure that they are achieving their longterm health goals. 

My patients are looking for more from their healthcare. If you have health questions that aren't being answered to your satisfaction or are looking for a higher level of care to better understand your health - I have good news for you.  

I work with motivated women (and the people they love), to equip them with the information and strategies for success. 

I believe in you.  Are you ready to start your journey?

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DrTrowellND_FertilityThere comes a time when every woman thinks about her period - never more so than when faced with challenges conceiving.  Feeling confident and capable can be hard when the one thing that you desperately want seems to be just out of your reach. I created Nourish in response to the cries of help and frustration from (too many) Toronto women as they struggle to find to their true reproductive potential and grow their family.

I support women with a range of health concerns and have a focus on women facing fertility concerns.  I share my experience and expertise to make the process a little smoother and a lot less stressful. I take the time to explain the process from hormone balancing and regulating menstrual periods for natural pregnancies to what to expect as men and women go through IUI and IVF cycles - and everything in between! I work with you to address your health concerns using evidence-based natural therapies and traditional theories. But I also have a larger goal:  to help women feel empowered and supported as they face one of the most challenging hurdles in their life - mentally, emotionally and physically.  I've been honoured to help many women have beautiful healthy babies, navigate through the highs and lows of reproductive therapy, and be a part of their personal growth.  

I'm here for you.

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To book a virtual consult ONLINE 
or schedule a complementary 15-minute discovery call
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Fertility Care

Dr. Stefanie Trowell, ND has 10 years of experience and research in natural fertility and works together with you to provide optimal outcomes. Whether you are trying naturally or using Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), such as IUI or IVF, Dr. Trowell considers all aspects of your and your partner's wellbeing, so you know there is an educated professional to help navigate the system and support you on your journey to building a family.

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