Sing & Dance your way to a Fertile Heart

It’s Valentine’s Day - the designated day of love!  But when we are busy rushing around seeking love from others, we forget what matters most of all. To love and care for yourself. This is especially important for women to remember. We women tend to be much better at giving than receiving. So ladies open up your hearts to receive this Valentine’s day - it's good for your heart health.

And speaking of hearts, it’s the Heart & Stroke Foundations Heart Month. And while the cardiovascular system is very important - there’s another side to heart health. Research has found that the effect of perceived stress has a greater impact on health than the stressful events themselves. It is how we feel and manage our emotions that have on our physical health. The chakra theory describes an emotional centre which lies within our chests, called the heart chakra. When there is balance in your life, love, joy and compassion flow smoothly through this centre. We accept ourselves and others. When imbalanced, we tend towards negativity, irritability and criticism. Over time, we start developing fatigue, tension between our shoulder blades, high blood pressure and eventually heart problems - all from emotional imbalance!

We need to get our hearts - both emotional and physical - back into balance. Combining a healthy diet and regular exercise provides a strong foundation, but let’s kick it up a notch and maximize our health with a little song and dance! De-stress with a relaxing song or an impromptu dance party. Here are a couple of my favourite tunes in just the right key (B major - for the heart chakra). So turn the dial up and let loose - your heart (and health) will thank you.

     10 Songs for Heart Health:

Hope that you enjoy this playlist - a mix from over the decades. Sing, dance or just listen.

Do you have a tune that cheers you up or makes you want to dance? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!