Nourishing you & your family

Nourish squareParents can empathize with our challenge of deciding on a name – the perfect name – that primary expression that fits just right and encapsulates all the love, hopes and dreams we have for our little, uh - clinic! 

So, who is Nourish Integrative Health and what should you expect? To answer this, perhaps a quick English lesson is best to illustrate the meaning behind our name and how our practitioners approach patient care. 

nourish [nur-ish] verb
     1. To supply with what is necessary for life, health and growth
     2. To strengthen, build up or promote

“Nourish” is often associated with food and providing our bodies with the nutrients it needs. However, there is more to health and well-being than just the food we consume. It’s about providing what we need for our mind and spirit as well. It's about recognizing the relationships within us that connect our mind, body and spirit, using our strengths to support growth in areas of weakness and striving for balance.

“Integrative” describes a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to medicine that combines conventional treatments with complementary therapies. 
Our team of health professionals work together to provide the best care options that work for you. Naturopathic doctors can be your primary healthcare provider or provide treatments in conjunction with your conventional therapies in a safe and comprehensive manner; while our Massage therapist can help you get the relief you've been searching for.

“Health” may be used to express the condition of the body, mind or spirit - not merely the freedom from illness or injury, but rather the continual quest for personal wellness.

If we integrate each component - Nourish Integrative Health - comes to mean something that builds up our strength and equips us with all that we need to live well and thrive. It’s a health community that supports and optimizes how we live and how we nourish ourselves – at our work, in our homes and with our families.

What do you do to nourish your life?